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Stop the Self-Destruction, Arguing, and Fighting and Rescue Your Family Now!

Is your family struggling? Is one or more of your children having problems with: lying and manipulation, drug or alcohol abuse, disrespect, cursing, bad friends, or sexual activity? Are you worn out from the constant arguing and fighting? Have you done “everything you can think of to correct these behaviors?”

Children and teenagers today are faced with many different problems. Many times the problems that they are facing, unfortunately, spill over into family life and affect the entire family. When these problems start running your life, and the life of your family it is time for immediate action. Dr. Randall Hyde Ph. D. has developed a program that can assist you and your family.

Teen Miracle is a powerful step by step program that will show you exactly how to maintain a positive controlled environment. The TeenMiracle program teaches your child the problem solving skills they need to control these issues themselves.

Dr. Hyde Ph.D., a Clinical Psychologist, has over 30 years of clinical experience helping children, parents and families. This program combines the clinical research and expertise of Dr. Randall Hyde Ph.D. with the extreme love you have for your family. After all, no one will love your family like you do. No one will care for your child like you will. If there is a team helping your child, you need to be leading that team.

How Does the Teen Miracle Program Work?

The Teen Miracle is an in-home, self-paced Parenting Training Course applying the techniques Dr. Randy Hyde has been using for over 30 Years as a clinical psychologist.

Traditional counseling and parenting books focus on removing the child from their home where they are having problems. The problem is that if you remove the child and put then in an "isolation" situation, ofcourse they're going to "change" Once they're back at home the problems start all over again. This is called  recidivism.

In our controlled study with ungovernable teens we had a 95% success rate compared to "out of the home" solutions which can cost up to $10,000 per month and have very high recidivism.

There’s a better way. Parents need tools they can use at home where the child faces day–to–day, real–world challenges.

The bottom line is that behaviorally troubled kids lack the skills to solve the problems they encounter every day—and this is precisely what The Teen Miracle gives you!

This powerful program will teach you simple, step–by–step techniques you can use to put structures in place that will help your child solve his or her problems without resorting to bullying, conflict, and abusive behavior.

Benefits of the Teen Miracle Online Parenting Training

100% Online in-home, Self-Paced Training

The Teen Miracle is an in-home, self-paced Parenting Training Course applying the techniques Dr. Randy Hyde has been using for over 30 Years as a clinical psychologist. Training that fits your schedule because each video training can be done in the comfort of your own home and around your schedule.

Immediate Success That's Ongoing

Imagine immediate and sustainable changes in your teens behavior after just a few training modules. You’ll have the tools and techniques to get some big wins early on. The system is designed to capitalize on the motivation from your quick wins and use it to drive deeper changes. Your teens will learn to become happy, motivated, respectful teens again!

Expert Training at a Fraction of the Cost

Each video is taught by Dr. Randy Hyde, a clinical psychologist for over 30 years, who has helped thousands of families just like you to regain control and peace of their homes. His clients have paid him upwards of $100 per hour to have live sessions with him, but as a Teen Miracle member you'll get the same training at a fraction of the cost.

See What Parents & Professionals Are Saying About The Teen Miracle Program

I talk to many parents everyday who are struggling to find an affordable program for their child. They think their only option is sending their child away. After assessing their family’s situation and recommending the Teen Miracle Program, they are thrilled and relieved that a program can be done in the home. The program is affordable, and monitored by weekly intervention sessions to keep the program on track.–Collette - Troubled Teens of America Specialist

Teen Miracle is a miracle and its one tool that every parent should have in their home. This proram saves lives, marriages and bring joy back into the home.–Amy - Mother

In the Teen Miracle program I had the opportunity to work with families and teens in a situation and environment that would most helpful for them ... in their home.–John Livingstone - Therapist

The Teen Miracle program will save teens, mend families, reunite couples and put them well in their way back to happiness.–Laurie - Mother